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elite_bsg's Journal

Elite Battlestar Galactica Icons
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A place to find high quality Battlestar Galactica icons
Welcome to Elite BSG! This is a community where people can post high quality Battlestar Galactica icons.

Membership to this community is by invitation only. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO JOIN, you MUST apply for posting access or your request to join will be rejected. Only really good icons will be accepted. We're looking for creative cropping, good use of textures, awesome coloring and unique icons.

ack_attack airings drankmywar mouthfullofdust prettybutt schmiss starbuck42084

General Rules

01. Read all the rules before applying here.

02.NO requests, NO advertising!

03. Please be respectful when taking other people's icons. Follow THEIR rules as well as ours. There is NO bashing on this site.

04. When posting, please put a teaser with 2-3 icons. Everything else should be under a cut. Remember if you have a 'friends only' journal please make your icon post viewable by non-friends.

05. Any icons that are spoilerish or have questionable content must be put behind a cut with a warning.

06. DO NOT post bases, brushes, gradients, textures or stock images. This is not the right place.

07. If you don't get accepted the first time, just re-apply in 3 weeks time. Please don't get mad at your mods, snarkiness is not cool. ;)

08. Put 'We're all friendlies, so let's just be friendly!' in the subject line of your entry when applying so we know that you've read the rules.

09. Every month a non-competitive challenge will be posted, you may participate if you'd like, but it's not a requirement. It's solely for fun and to help advertise the community.

*rules adapted from the rules at good_icons
layout codes by refutare
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